CD - Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers, 'The World is Ablaze'

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Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers at their piratical best on their CD "The World is Ablaze". The tracks draw on the fact that pirates sailed the world around and pirate crews were an international lot, so their music would be a medley of styles plundered from all over.

“Far Far Away” was inspired by the pirate Henry Avery and his crew, who set out as honest sailors but mutineered after going months without pay or adequate food. Avery's crew took a ship of the Mogul Emperor and legend has it Avery fell in love with one of the slaves on board, a tale told in the song "Tattooed Hand", accompanied by the sensuous rhythms of the Indian tabla drum. There’s a klezmer-inspired “Mogul Ship” that give the violin free reign, the bluesy “Any Port in a Storm”, and bagpipes (“The Likes of Me”) and banjo (“Jimmy Gray”)